Mosaic Art Ring

Mosaic Art Ring

SKU: ZR00005SU070

Light dances as it reflects on colored glass, creating a dazzling image. Thai arts of glass mosaic truly shine in this sunny environment. But when one takes closer look to such lively work, it is apparent that the craft must be created from meticulous hands. Thousands of cut colored glass fits perfectly together to make a full canvas of jewels. Taken inspiration from the way the glass catches the light, the edges and corners of each piece uses angle and shapes to best capture the sun.


Stone type: Golden Shadow Crystal/ Light Siam Crystal/ Clear  Crystal
Metal: 925 Sterling Silver 925
Plating: Rhodium 

  • Guarantee for 1 year from the first day of use. Can be exchanged, returned or sent for repair

    (Details according to the guarantee in the jewelry box)

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