Golden Lapis Constella Earrings

Golden Lapis Constella Earrings

SKU: CE01568P0000

The Design team was inspired by the night sky and the geometric patterns that humans have identified in the stars. Constellations are human made, and not at all scientific. There’s such a mystery behind the lore of each constellation, different types of personalities, and both good and bad qualities. They have their personal stories over different cultures, different mythologies as civilization progresses.  And yet in the end, these constellations are just a net of stars.  We hope that the collection inspires you to take that random brilliance and create and explore your own mythologies.


Stone type : Lapis Lazuri + White CZ
Metal : Sterling silver 925
Plating : Gold plated

  • Guarantee for 1 year from the first day of use. Can be exchanged, returned or sent for repair

    (Details according to the guarantee in the jewelry box)

  • Preserve your jewelry in the original padded box or in a velvet pouch. An occasional polishing with a soft cloth will help maintain the original lustrous finish. Always remember to reserve your jewelry as a finishing touch, after using perfume or hair spray. Proper care and storage of your jewelry will help maintain its luster and beauty over time.

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