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Khun Rinrada Chinnapornsombat, CEO of Linden Integrated Co., Ltd. has founded AEVARI, based on her passion and fascination with Thai culture, a country where she calls home. "Aevari" literally translates to "water," which is akin to an endless supply of creativity. Every piece depicts an intriguing and distinctive tale of Aevari.  Most significantly, “Aevari" is a jewelry line that aspires to uphold Khun Rinrada's ideals by bringing to the world design and creativity that are beyond words diversified and current. 

Our Design and concept

Aevari's designs are contemporary, emphasizing simplicity and intriguing functionality, ensuring that they remain captivating and never boring. This is one of Aevari's strengths. Furthermore, Aevari's designs are crafted by skilled artisans and award-winning designers, making them truly exceptional.  At Aevari, we are committed to striking a balance between distinctive jewelry pieces that align with and become an integral part of people's daily lives. It's not just about adornments but also about expressing your "identity." Our jewelry pieces serve as reminders of good times, evoking inspiration, positive emotions, and encouragement for the wearers, consistently and perpetually.  

The main inspiration behind the brand Aevari is to create works that stem from experiences and emotions, reflecting them in the form of unique jewelry pieces. Whether it's the Art and Culture collection that incorporates Thai elements from all regions, the Lift Style collection that embodies vitality and can be worn by people of all ages, the Modern Design collection that showcases contemporary designs that never go out of trend, the Nature collection for nature enthusiasts featuring various beautiful flowers and adorable winged creatures, the Exclusive collection with elegant and luxurious designs suitable for confident women, or the latest collection that caters to men's fashion with Men Jewelry, Aevari strives to cater to diverse preferences.


Product Quality

Aevari's jewelry is made out of 925 Sterling Silver, a material suitable for jewelry for its incredible shine.  Our jewelry is safe to wear and no not cause skin irritations.  We do not use harmful metals such as nickel or lead in our products.

Our plating availabilities: Rhodium, Rose Gold, 18K Gold.

Our products are manufactured by a factory with more than 30 years for experience in the jewelry industry.  The factory meets international regulations and standards, as they export products to countries all over the world.  Born from the works of such experienced craftsmen, Aevari's products are thus guaranteed to be of excellent quality.


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