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Aevari Openable Link Chain No.1

Is a collection we have crafted with the detail style of contemporary design, all in the Aevari edition. Along with this, we have merged the expertise in craftsmanship with fascinating technical functionality, ensuring an engaging and non-monotonous user experience."



Modern sensibilities meet irreplaceable classic design in The Classic Pendulum Collection in Aevari this season. The well-known grandfather clock and its iconic pendulum has been given a new update. Inspired by the gentle swaying and back-and-forth movements of the pendulum, we have created jewelry that responds towards a wearer’s motions when worn. Warm gold paired with bright silver gives the geometric motifs a beautiful glimmer when moving in the light, while the round and curved minimal silhouettes of the collection introduces a modern edge - a nod to the past while moving towards the future.

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Design inspired by the desire to connect and stay close to the love ones is like being close to each other all the time.  This design is simple yet profound with the words “Together” representing the hearts of two people and reminding our loved ones that we still love each other.

Victoria Pearl Interlink Chain


Discover our signature’s Aevari Pearl Collection, which perfectly combines the timeless contrast of classic pearls, elegance represents the magnificence, the warmth and accentuated chains and reinterprets design classics in an innovative way.  Aevari Pearl Collection a design that expresses and reflects your true self, your taste that connects to your instincts.

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Classic Pearl Link Chain

The fusion between the femininity of pearls with the more utilitarian and masculine-looking chains creates a unisex look and gives these pearls a refreshing and youthful image along with an urban edgy contrast. The simplicity of the chain makes it simple for anyone to wear the look on any day of the week and allows it versatility and movement.

Together Link Chain


We are inspired by the round and glowing nature of the semiprecious pearls, the cold beauty of  sleek, bare, metals, and the idea of putting these two graceful elements together to create something new, and modern. A refreshing combination of assorted chains and pearls and a new reinterpretation of classic staples with modern taste.

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Alphabet Bracelet Collection

Truly Yours,

Personalized design is inspired by the desire to reconnect and stay close to our love ones.   We want to keep our loved one’s names keeping loved one’s names close. To our hearts, and give reminders those we love that we love them especially in such an Insecure time during the pandemic. 


  Itsy Bitsy Collection  


"Inspired by the minimalist trend and the perfect delicacy can be worn gracefully in everyday life thanks to its geometric appearance.  It is simplicity among an elegant".

Inspired by the silhouette of the chain and the action of linking multi-dimensional structures into one unit,  Aevari’s new collection represents the wearer’s individuality and confidence.  The unapologetically different chain links represent each people inner strength and their unique differences, while the distinctive T bar brings all the elements together for a polished and professional finish.


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Extravagant hand adornment is also enjoying a moment directional.  Designers are exploring all kinds of aesthetics – from medieval romance to full-on cyber fantasy – in decorating digits to the max.  This will also play out as a key styling trend.

Nail Ring & Stackable



Nail Ring & Stackable Collection 



Strength in Tenderness: A Rebirth of the Beetle 

In ancient Egypt, the beetle represents a soul’s lifecycle and rebirth. As with this belief, our collection focuses on reinterpreting the often misunderstood beetle in a more tender nature, representing the concept of “Strength in Tenderness”.


Vertical Collection

Is one of the creative design yet maintains simplicity among an elegant straight lines which represent the stability and strength combining with a circle shape revealing a simple distinctiveness as Aevari Exclusive Style.

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